Tony Sjoman

Tony Rubin

Manhattan based mural and studio artist Tony “Rubin” Sjöman (b.1975) has painted all over the world and his works have been shown in galleries throughout the US and Europe.

Sjöman’s roots are in Finland and Sweden and he draws inspiration from his Scandinavian heritage for his complex abstract geometrical murals and studio works. Sjöman has become a staple of the art scene of New York City and beyond. His murals can be seen in a wide variety of spots in and around the city: 
on churches, in hotels and high-end boutiques, in luxury high-rises throughout Manhattan and on the 69th floor of WTC 4. Sjöman’s studio works are based on canvases, prints and installations and he is no stranger to painting on metal and wood. Rubin's studio works have been on display at Scope New York, Scope Miami and Art Miami during Art Basel, as well as in galleries throughout New York City, Miami and Los Angeles.

Sjöman’s art has been featured in NBC News, New York Post, NY1 News, Vice Magazine, Time Out New York among other media outlets. His works have also been featured in catalogues for design brands, such as Design Within Reach and paired with auction art at Sotheby’s. Sjöman has collaborated with several major mainstream brands, such as American Express, Marriott Hotels, Heineken, Shake Shack, Rag and Bone and GAP and his murals have been featured in prime time television shows, such as “Girls” on HBO.

The artist has worked with several leading US real estate developers, who have been looking to enhance their commercial appeal through art. Sjöman painted the largest mural to date right next to the capitol in Washington DC for Related Company’s luxury high rise development and he is currently working with an array of real estate developers, architects and designers in New York City. 
Sjöman is also the subject of the art book "Rubin: New York / Scandinavia” - a much talked about and comprehensive coffee table book featuring the artist’s work. (Dokument Press, 2016)

Tony Sjöman resides in Manhattan with his wife and toddler son and works from his art studio in Midtown Manhattan.


Lululemon NYC (Mural commission, Manhattan 2019)

Sotheby’s Masters Auction NYC (Catalogue, 2019)

W Hotel South Beach - Marriott Hotels (Mural / Art installation, Miami 2018)

American Express - #spgmiami (Mural / Art installation, Miami 2018)

DWR Design Within Reach (Catalogue, 2018)

Shake Shack NYC (Commissions for Shake Shack Astor Place, 2017)

The Nordic, AKI Development (Commission for luxury high-rise, 2018)

The Eugene, Brookfield properties (Commission for luxury high-rise, 2017)

21 West End, Dermot properties (Commission for luxury high-rise, 2017)

Related Companies, Washington DC (Mural commission for luxury high-rise, 2017)

Wine Legend Restaurant, (Mural commission, Brooklyn, 2017)

&Pizza Restaurant – Mural commission, Manhattan 2017)

Industry City – (Mural commission, Brooklyn, 2017)

Silverstein Properties – WTC 4 (Mural design for the 69th floor of WTC4, 2016)

The William Vale Hotel, Williamsburg Brooklyn (Design collaboration, 2015)

Heineken (Mural collaboration, Baltimore, 2015)

Ketel One (Mural collaboration, Miami Art Basel, 2014)

NIKE (Design collaboration – 2014)

Converse (Advertisement collaboration, 2014)


“RUBIN: DECADE” - Uprise Art (solo show) - New York, USA (2019).

Art on Paper – Art Fair – Manhattan New York, NY, USA (2018)

Searching for Surfaces – Vertical Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA (2018)

Expo de Groupo – Matthew Namour Gallery, Montreal, CAN (2018)

Nu Geometry – Mirus Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA (2017)

Black Night – 212 Art Gallery, New York, NY, USA (2017)

A Minor - Cave Gallery (two-person show) – Los Angeles, California USA (2016)

Direction / Instruction – Paradigm Gallery – Philadelphia USA (2016)

Motion forward - Albany Museum of Art – Albany, Georgia, USA (2016)

Deep Calls Deep – World Trade Gallery, New York, NY USA (2016)

New York / Scandinavia – Wallworks Gallery (solo show) - New York, NY, USA (2016)

Metamorphic Abstraction - One Art Space, New York, NY, USA (2016)

The Best Thought I’ve Had - One Art Space, New York, NY, USA (2016)

Off The Wall – World Trade Gallery, New York, NY USA (2016)

SCOPE Art Fair MIAMI – Cave Gallery – Miami, FL USA (2015)

WYN 317 Gallery – Miami, USA (2015)

The Power of Paint – Vertical Gallery – Chicago, IL, USA (2015)

Beyond Eden - Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery – Los Angeles, CA, USA (2015)

Direction / Instruction – Cave Gallery – Venice, CA (2015)

Affordable Art Fair – Sugarlift – New York, NY, USA (2015)

Ad Hoc Art – Shevaun Williams Gallery – Norman, NY, USA (2015)

Direction / Instruction – Svperordinary gallery, – Denver, CO, USA (2015)

Immediate Realities – Revision Space – Pittsburgh, PA, USA (2015)

The Street Museum Pop-up Auction – Gallery 151 – New York, NY USA (2015)

SCOPE Art Fair NEW YORK – Sugarlift Gallery, New York, NY, USA (2015)

Calicornucopia – Calico Gallery – New York, NY, USA (2014)

SCOPE Art Fair MIAMI- Cave Gallery – Miami, FL, USA (2014)

Gothometria (solo show) – C.A.V.E. Gallery – Los Angeles, CA, USA (2014)

Shape Scapes – Calico Gallery – New York, NY, USA (2014)

Palabra – Succulent Studios – New York, NY, USA (2014)

Open Studios (solo show) – New York Studio Factory – New York, NY USA (2014)

24 Hours in NYC – SMoA – New York, NY, USA (2014)

Piece Art Show – SHNY Gallery – New York, NY USA (2014)

A Major Minority – 1AM Gallery – San Francisco, CA, USA (2014)

Fountain Art Fair – The Armory – New York, NY USA (2014)

Hello / Goodbye (solo exhibition) – Urban Art Room Gallery, Sweden (2012)

Colors – Montana Reykjavík, Reykjavík, Iceland (2012)

Finlandia Institute, Finntastic evening, Stockholm, Sweden (2012)