Guilherme Machado

Gui Machado

Gui Machado’s paintings are all about process. He isn’t interested in creating a painting in the traditional sense, the act of painting is a performance. Choices are made during the process and that makes it impossible to have two paintings that look the same. The artist is interested in the ambiguity of the viewer. From far away an image is created, when you step closer you see all the details and other images are formed and connect to memories in their brain. He prefers to hear what the viewer sees than to explain what he intended since it opens new doors of meanings that he wasn’t expecting.

The artist works primarily in black and white but he has been slowly introducing hints of color in his latest series. Machado has experienced with a great variety of surfaces to expand the possibilities of his experiments.

Guilherme “Erasmo” Machado is a Brazilian artist based in Brooklyn. He started painting graffiti in the streets of Rio de Janeiro and soon got invited to show his work in many respected galleries. He moved to NY in 2011 to study at the School of Visual Arts and hone his craft. In 2012 he was invited to show paintings and photographs in a group show at Miami Art Basel. In 2017 he was invited to create an installation for a group show at World Trade Center.